More and more merchants and services now allow you to pay with Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The trend is more obvious in advanced and civilized countries, but the rest of the world is catching up.

It is not just about convenience, but you can also swap and trade different cryptocurrencies, based on what the merchant accepts. But then, where can I use Ethereum? What can I buy with it?

Who accepts Ether?

There are companies in most industries accepting cryptocurrencies. Figure out where to spend Ethereum by double checking the company you are interested in first – quite simple. Some merchants will advertise it, but others do it exclusively online.

Apart from random retailers from all over the world, there are also a few giant companies accepting Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies – Microsoft, Overstock, Home Depot, Starbucks, Tesla, or Travala, just to name a few.

Then, when it comes to small stores around you, you can practically use Ether for anything – from a can of soda to your weekly supermarket shopping. It is worth noting that such lists apply to companies accepting crypto payments.

Get a crypto card, and you will be able to pay for anything that allows using a card – your holiday, an ATM abroad, or a new car. Basically, the machine will convert Ethereum into the local currency – just like using a card from the UK in Germany, to give you an example.

Using Ethereum to pay with crypto debit cards

There are different ways to pay with cryptocurrency, and most of them imply using a wallet. You will need a wallet where all your money goes, then you can send money to certain addresses, pay invoices or use different devices.

Crypto credit cards represent the most convenient option, though. Why? Simple – you no longer need to worry about companies that accept crypto or Ethereum partners. Instead, you basically have a card in a different currency.

There will be a conversion whenever you use it to make a payment or withdraw cash. Since you are using crypto, conversion fees are significantly lower when compared to fiat money. If your bank charges you to withdraw EUR from your GBP card or vice versa, things change when it comes to crypto.

Using a crypto debit card means you can pay with Ethereum anywhere, anytime. You can do it in any country out there, regardless of what you want to buy. There is only one condition – the merchant must have a card machine. You can also shop online in the exact same manner.

Shop for air tickets with Ethereum

Some websites accept direct crypto payments – the trend seems to be more common in plane ticket companies. Most people use third parties that search for the cheapest option, rather than go to each airline independently.

Companies like CheapAir allow crypto payments without having a crypto debit card. You will send money manually to the respective address based on the invoice you receive. Take your time and ensure you do not change the address, or your money could be lost.

Apart from companies that accept actual Ethereum, you can use Ethereum to pay crypto if you have a crypto debit card too. You will usually shop for tickets online. Simply put the card number in, and the payment will be processed – just like any other card.

Again, there will be a conversion, but fees are insignificant.

Convert your Ethereum coins into gift cards

There are more reasons wherefore you may consider converting Ethereum coins into gift cards. First of all, this is an easy way to turn crypto into fiat money without stressing yourself too much. If you want to purchase something online, simply get yourself a gift card and use it – simple as that.

You need to ensure the respective store accepts crypto payments, yet, you can also find websites that turn crypto into gift cards for multiple websites. Getting gift cards is also a good idea if you actually look for a gift for a loved one.

But other than that, it is worth noting that it is probably more effective to simply use a crypto debit card to turn crypto into fiat money. If you do struggle with getting a card, gift cards represent a pretty simple alternative.

Does Amazon accept Ethereum?

Amazon accepts certain wallets. You can use these wallets to fund Amazon gift card orders. The platform can take the most famous cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC, DOGE, DASH, and others. You can do it directly or indirectly – through a third party.

If you do it directly, chances are you will require a crypto debit card. Again, what cryptocurrency you have in the respective account makes no difference. Even if Amazon does not accept it, you can use the actual card and face some small conversion fees.

Ethereum payment gateways

An Ethereum payment gateway is basically a system that can process digital money. Implementing it correctly allows merchants or business people to accept cryptocurrency transactions, regardless of what they sell. This is probably the smoothest way for a merchant to take crypto payments.

It is not a general rule, and there are, of course, less sophisticated alternatives – even if they do cost a bit more. For instance, a merchant will not necessarily need a crypto payment gateway. Customers with crypto debit cards can use any machine.

Indeed, there will be a conversion fee, but it is too small to be taken into consideration.


Who accepts Ethereum as payment? In one way or another, every merchant with a card machine or online sales does. However, customers can pay in two different ways – depending on their possibilities.

Sending invoices means customers must send money to a specific address. But then, the easier way implies getting a crypto debit card, which is linked to the wallet. That card can be used like any other card – online or in real life, in any store that takes card payments.

It does have a conversion fee, but it is small and worth the extra convenience.

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